About Us

Our Beginning
Broad Bay Boards began as a father-son business in November, 2012. Comparing samples from the home dining room, we picked a manufacturer for our boards and applied for a college license to produce collegiate boards. After a strenuous application process and long waiting period, we received the official collegiate licensing for our longboards and cruiser boards.

So what else?
We're working on developing Broad Bay Boards into a known and popular longboarding brand. We're not going to lie: we do produce some pretty great slide wheels, and our clothing line puts cool clothing on your back for cheap. We recently ran a successful Kickstarter campaign, and come January, 2016, we'll carry the first sliding wheel that makes multi-colored thane lines. We're very excited for the future of Broad Bay Boards!

Who's behind Broad Bay Boards?

I'm Tyler Marx, a 17 year old who loves longboarding and developing this company into what it has become. There's my dad who helps in shipping the orders and my mom who currently helps with managing the collegiate licensing. With them on my team, there's no fear that your order won't arrive or the colleges and universities won't get their fair share of the sales of the cruisers and longboards.


Occasionally, my friends from school will help me plan, and there's a great crowd of followers and supporters on our social media sites who make a difference to promote Broad Bay Boards. Truly, it's a collective effort rooted in the longboarding community that keeps this company rolling.


Broad Bay Boards
5908 Thurston Ave #200
Virginia Beach, VA US
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