Auburn University Skateboard Cruiser Complete
Auburn University Skateboard Cruiser Complete

[Complete] Auburn Skateboard Cruiser

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Mini Logo Militant Grip Tape
Gravity Grip Tape [+$0.50]
Tracker Trucks
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Auburn University Cruiser Skateboard Complete

        Our Broad Bay Auburn Cruiser Skateboard Complete is tough enough for daily cruising, yet perfectly proportioned and versatile enough for the serious skater. Our Auburn skateboard decks are manufactured here in the USA using 100% North American Hard Rock Maple. They are pressed with glue specially designed for skateboards. All of our Auburn cruiser board skateboards are pressed using a cold-press technique with 60 tons of pressure. Three Auburn University skateboards are pressed per mold to ensure concave consistency. We use the best glue available on the market which gives the boards the best balance of pop and flexibility. We use 7plys per deck: 1/16th thickness for our core and face grade veneers in combination with cross-band veneers that are 1/24" thick. This combination gives the thinnest, lightest, strongest board possible. 30" x 8"

Grip tape
  • Militant Mini Logo- Quality grip tape that lays on smoothly and leaves virtually no air bubbles.
  • Gravity- Made-in-America grip tape that provides more traction because it is heavier than Militant Mini Logo grip tape. This gives the deck a slightly frosty" appearance over the top school logo, but it's barely noticeable over the natural wood grain.

  • Tracker Trucks Dart 149mm- Silver cruiser trucks made in America.  These are slightly shorter, so the board is closer to the ground and easier to push.  They are also looser and provide for tighter turns and curves.
  •  Randal Trucks RII 150mm 50ยบ-  Silver cruiser board trucks made in California, USA.  150mm wide to fit the smaller design of a cruiser board but loose enough for defined turning.  These trucks are constructed in the reverse kingpin style which means they are more stable and a centimeter taller.


  • Broad Bay Boards Cooper Jacks- Our brand wheels specifically designed for this cruiser shape.  With a diameter of 60mm and a hardness rating of 80a, they're perfect for cruising.
  • Abec 11 No Skoolz 81a 60mm- These top-quality cruiser board wheels made in America have a 60mm diameter and a standard hardness rating of 81a for smooth cruising.

  • Mini Logo- These precision ground skate bearings are complete with frictionless rubber shields on both sides to protect against dust and already lubricated with Bones Speed Cream. 
  • Biltin Bearings- These high class bearings come with built-in spacers and integrated washers to allow for the most efficient turns and smoothest rides. Developed by World Cup Downhill Champion Chris Chaput, these precision bearings are designed for durability and performance.

  • 100% North American/Canadian Hard rock Maple
  • Made in the United States to Ensure Top Quality
  • 30" x 8"
  • By Broad Bay, in business since 1989
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • Immediate Shipping!
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