Cooper Jacks Cruiser Skateboard Wheels 60mm 80a
Cooper Jacks Cruiser Skateboard Wheels 60mm 80a

Cooper Jacks 60mm 80a Slide Wheels

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Cooper Jacks

Brother to the the renowned Salt Licks, our Cooper Jacks cruiser wheels inspire an exceptionally fun and smooth cruise for your cruiser skateboard.  Equipped with maximum grip, Cooper Jacks excel at absorbing the vibration of rough pavement. Heavy thinking was put into designing this wheel: we chose the white neutral color to match any board, and the design will blow your mind when the wheel spins on your cruiser skateboard! 

•60mm in diameter for quick acceleration
•45mm contact patch (width) for control
•80a durometer (hardness rating) to absorb bumps
•Geometric Design for the steeze

What are these wheels for?

These wheels are designed for commuting and travel.  They will get you around the college campus, to the store, to your friend's house, or wherever you may be going.  Cooper Jacks are made to roll over the bumps or cracks in the pavement that would typically stop other cruiser wheels.  These wheels will perform tricks and even various slides!

4 Stars
Beautiful Creations
These wheels are the greatest things ever made. Sometimes when I'm alone I like to sit in the dark and spin these wheels even though I don't actually skateboard. These wheels ignite the burning fire deep inside my esophagus and the wheels get me going. The familiar white color of the wheels is another part makes me want to buy more and more of this product. I am a little unsatisfied that these wheels did not fit my bike but they serve their purpose, being round. The wheels are smoother than the sands of the Nigerian deserts and no other wheels compare to the satisfaction I feel when I roll this around the shadows of my night lights.
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Reviewed by:  from My Tub. on 2/15/2015
4 Stars
great slides
I think that the formula is really nice so there's just a little problem... they ends really fast if you do slide over 10 meters... by the way i think that you must buy and try them, they are not expensive and thats really great
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Reviewed by:  from north italy (alps). on 2/23/2015
5 Stars
Cooper Jacks Review
Where do I start... First off these wheels took about 15 min of glove downs to break in. After that? Wheeww what a wheel! These wheels a phenomenal for free ride and sliding. They have such a buttery and easy slide with not too hard of a kick out and a really nice hookup. Im really digging these wheels and they have minimal wear but still leave that nice white thane. Definitely pick up a set of these if you like to free ride at any speed! I was taking these in a local small neighborhood and still getting big slides! -Zach (BBB Representative)
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Charlotte . on 4/29/2015
5 Stars
My Great Escape
These wheels saved my life more than once. Given that I was the Republic's top priority, escape was no easy task. Thanks to these wheels, time and time again I was able to quickly produce loads of hot thane as it not only blasted my enemies in the face, but allowed me to slide away from them quickly. Only once I cored these wheels much later did Master Obi-Wan Kenobi finally catch up to me. Now that I am resurrected from the dead, I plan to buy more of these wheels for my whole clone army so that we, the Thane Producing Repubic, may become victorious in our quest to win the Clone Wars.
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Reviewed by:  from Utapau. on 6/15/2015